The Frye Tables

This project was commissioned in the summer of 2014 by The Frye Boot company as a series for their retail stores and began with few guidelines that were both specific and yet dauntingly vague: design and build nine table tops from salvaged wood that are big and round and pretty. And incapable of inflicting splinters on unsuspecting customers.

With that in mind, I began this project with the amount of unfamiliar ‘firsts’ far outnumbering the times I relied on experience. As of now, this is the largest series I’ve attempted, both in physical scale and number of pieces. It was my first experience creating circular designs, much less nine of them, that formed a coherent body of work while each still remained a distinct individual piece.

Like much of my past work, many of these tables were inspired by classic American quilt patterns, and reflect my roots as an Alabama native, where quilt making has been more than a craft, but a rich cultural tradition. Although in this series, it exists more as a visual reference, I hope the same attention and care is as evident in these tables as the quilts that inspired them.

*I am just starting a new bigger, better, rounder set of these for Frye Boots that will be in their new stores all over the country. Coming in Summer and Fall 2015!