I started Made By Woodhand about a year after I had been minding my own business, quietly building furniture with salvaged materials to satisfy my own curiosity as an artist, woodworker and general maker. After a chance encounter with that work, I was commissioned by The Frye Boot company to make a series of tables, using salvaged wood to create unique individual pieces for their stores. So I became a company and work out of my studio in Brooklyn.

Although that body of work pushed me to develop new design techniques, it also just provided a set of perimeters that focused the endless curiosity I’ve always explored as a maker. Generally, my work tends to be influenced by my Southern roots in Alabama, but doesn’t particularly adhere to one specific aesthetic. Each piece is essentially an experiment with materials and design. Through the process of actually making each vague, intangible idea in my head into a physical object, I learn something new with each piece and only become more curious what comes next.